Repower Packages

Repower PackageRepower Package PlusRepower Package Premium
New outboard(s)
New rigging tube and connections
New propeller
Water separator / fuel filter
Engine oil
Miscellaneous rigging supplies
New controls
New harness
New standard gauges

New steering

New upgraded gauges

New battery switch


Introducing an entire new atmosphere to raise the level of professionalism and encourage repowers. Suzuki Repower packages are attractive for customers by ranging from the appearance of the facility, rapid repower turnaround time, knowledgeable and trained repower technicians and retail financing available as low as 5.99% APR. Repower packages come in three options: REPOWER, REPOWER PLUS and REPOWER PREMIUM Packages.

Whether you’re a customer who is looking to purchase a used boat but have concerns about the existing power, a customer looking at a used boat without power, or a current boat owner who is looking to repower, we can support your needs.

Dealers, brokerage firms and boat brokers who have a used boat to sell or have taken in a boat on trade that needs to be repowered to increase the resale and overall value of the product can benefit from the Suzuki Repower program as well.

Commercial customers who need reliable power to increase uptime and reduce fuel and maintenance costs to improve profitability is another area that Mastry specializes in.

Ask us about which Repower Package will best service your needs!